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Not much happened after the previous page, for almost 4 months.
They've been back for nearly 3 months but much of the work is hidden.
The roof is all new, beefier timber, felt and battens. New beefier ceiling/floor joists. New facias and soffits.
Still a long way and a lot of mess and inconvenience to go.

4th Dec.

Inside the new kitchen. Vaulted ceiling and velux windows.

The black plastic is where the dormer will go. It needs steel supports and they can't go in yet as they need to sit on rsj's that we can't put in without wrecking the living room and existing kitchen.

Inside this doorway will be 2 beds and a bathroom.

In the loft, looking back down.

In the loft, looking around. There will be 2 rooms, a bathroom and a landing/hall. The ceilings are all 2.5m.

There's an awful lot of insulation and the plasterboard has and inch or so insulation on the back.

Lots of clutter. That will all go eventually. This room will be about 23' x 12' floor area with a dormer on the right and the eyebrow to the left.

Down the side of the house to the front.

A bit of slippage to be dealt with on those bonnets at the top.

They are going to re-batten the eyebrow...again. They're not too bad on square and straight but curves, hmm.

They're a really nice bunch of guys.

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